Raising Hell – Episode XXII

R.H. Ep. XXII – March 2nd, 2016 – Razing Hell!

RAISING HELL – The Firefighter Academy and Learning How to Save Your Ass!

  1. The Grownup Grotto – “Nanny beheads 4 year-old girl in Russia”
  2. Handbook for Hellions – Lesser Magic Moments, A Child’s World
  3. What The Wild Things Think – Episode IV – We Who Are Not As Others

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1 Comment

  1. I really appreciate this week’s “What The Wild Things Think” segment. The understanding and explanation of why the alien elite are hated and picked on coincides with the Columbine articles COS wrote. This topic has been a sore point for my father, me, and my son for some time. I appreciate the advice to blend in, if that’s what it takes, and if I suits your will. Please (I ask for selfish reasons) have a future show on how to teach kids to know thyself. It would seem that after years of trying I would know myself by now. I have been asking COS for years to give us advice on raising children. You sure do deliver! Thank you for your show! Hail Satan!

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