Raising Hell – Episode XLVII


Episode XLVII – March 29th, 2017 – No Baby?! For Shame!

Non-Parents & Not-So Artificial Families w/ Priestess Josephine!

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  1. Hey everybody! Who’s ready to discuss sacred cows (read programmed opinions) ?! I’m pretty sure that any person admitting to rape should be swiftly executed (lex talionis). It’s odd, though, that in countries where prostitution is legal, rape cases are almost non existent.
    Jered Fogle has to dish out an extra $100,000 to all the prostitutes he hired for emotional damage. Thousands and thousands of 120 years ago, it was the norm for wealthy white men to MARRY pre pubescent girls. 14 is the age of consent for a large portion of the population today. It’s very common for horny teens with mommy or daddy fetishes to pursue adults.
    Making an A.H.C. that looked, talked, and acted like a young teen wouldn’t be allowed. Someone thought that the common man would replace humans with A.H.C.s, but he had a much more creative and sensual mind that the common man, who was SATISFIED with sitting at a computer, yanking it, and getting rosy palms. The right hand IS the left hand path, after all. Maybe pedophiles would be SATISFIED if certain kinds of porn (where the parents get payed very well, and the young teens want to participate) was legalized, which will never happen. I’m sure that the owners of the Satanic United States of America weren’t being hypocritical when they set up our laws.

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