Fighting the Fires of the Fearful

Happy Blasphemy Day from the Raising Hell Podcast!

It is here we present the Satanic Perspective on Parenting and today, September the 30th we celebrate International Blasphemy!

Join us in a very special message which takes a nine fold step beyond the left or the right, the good and the evil and the white and the black to provide a much needed message to the world and it’s current plight of directionless activism and false victimhood.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook!!

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  1. As the planets warm up, our oceans rise. Be careful what you use to put out a fire, for many of the elements harvested from the sea, such as the multitude of salts (explosives), and magnesium, will detonate the rest of the ocean water, if that water is used to extinguish magnesium, lithium, sulphur, aluminum, etc. Let’s watch them mine coal, while we, in Washington, thrive on whatever electrical power we use. Whatever we do, let us never harvest the rising seas to use for electrical power. Blowing up the ocean is bad, mmkay?

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