Welcome Home

Welcome to the Raising Hell podcast. I first began this show in an attempt to present a topic which had up until its inception, been rather missing from the annals of Satanic literature and mediums. The content I, my contributors and those cherished guests which joined me presented on was done with every intention to present the Satanic perspective on parenting and to that end, after three years I feel that we have succeeded.

As you’ll find if you listen from the earlier episodes to the present day, this was both an explorative and transformative ritual for me. In researching and presenting what  subjects I did, and interviewing those like-minded individuals which shared so much of themselves with myself and the audience I was able to compile a worthy compilation of experiences and information which I trust will stand the test of time. I take pride that what I’ve spent countless hours to create will be valuable to those who follow in my footsteps in presenting Satanism for the life-loving religion that it is, wholly compatible with being a parent and mentor.

While I am no longer able to continue contributing to this endeavor due to constraints on both my time and energy, I’ll continue to keep this website accessible as an archive for those who seek what I once sought several years ago; a place where those of a Satanic bent can listen and learn from others who have so many same interests and yet are so very different. Ours was never a group for hangers on and joining for joining’s sake. We recognize and accept who we are, and through this Satanic revelation we strive to enlighten our children accordingly about their own personal identity, whatever that happens to be.

To my past listeners and those who have followed me along this journey of self-discovery, thank you. While I did this first and foremost for myself, it was you who made it all the more satisfying for having done it. As always…

Keep on Raising Hell!

Hail Satan!

Warlock Milton C. Cruver