Meet The Family

The Family – Audra, Milton, Madelynn & Greysen

This is not your everyday parenting podcast, your feel good place for a back-rub telling you it’s OK to be a lackluster and lazy parent. Nor is it some ruinous bastion of Do What Thou Will drivel backed by esoteric hocus-pocus. It is here we champion responsibility to the responsible, kindness to those deserving and undefiled wisdom. Our perspective is beyond the left or the right, the white, the black and that of good and evil.  We wholeheartedly promote the Third Side Perspective with a decidedly Third Side Intelligence which the everyday members of our “leave no child behind” and “I participated” pride society cannot possibly fathom.

If this sounds a tad Elitist… that’s because it is. I am a Warlock in The Church of Satan and for over half a century this organization and the religion of Satanism has provided a codified means of identification and personal alignment for those like myself. Founded by Anton Szandor LaVey and currently headed by Magus Gilmore and Magistra Nadramia, this organization serves as a bedrock foundation and the first and last line of authority in regards to Satanism. If you are inclined to disagree, you are most welcome to see yourself out. I promise you will not be missed.

I created this show because there was an unrepresented element from the eclectic and individualist, mutual admiration society which Satanists are naturally a part of. To put it plainly, one of Family. Over the years, certain individuals have dipped their cloven feet into the bubbling pool of certain topics concerning family and children. But none which championed and extolled the purely and purposefully mindful topic of Satanic Parenting. The few who did, I count them among my friends and their own endeavors can be found on our resources page. I give all due credit to those who came before me and fueled my Black Flame for the desire for something more. Thus, Raising Hell was born.

And now that we come to it, I find that I have grown beyond where I believe I would have been personally had I not chiseled out this grotto of education, entertainment and exploration.  As a Father and a Husband, I do not feel I have the luxury, nor the need, to stay stagnant in my views and my practices. I wish to lead by example and prove to my children that this life we lead and the life we can lead is worth living. That happiness is ours to control and we can demand more from ourselves to incredible results, denying a morose existence any tenable foothold.

Not everyone can be a Satanist, and we do not exist to indoctrinate, coerce or make converts of our young ones. We have no desire to sway you to our side nor make you one of us. So while not everyone can be a Satanist it has been my experience that no matter your creed and kind or affiliation, everyone can serve themselves best by becoming just a little more Satanic.

I shall always do the best I can to serve myself and those I cherish in whatever ways champion their lives and the happiness with  it. And through Raising Hell, I can help show you how to do the same.

Hail Satan!

Audra Lynne

No one can quiet my demons… nor exercise them quite like my wife can. Life isn’t always easy, but it can be a whole lot of fun if you have the right partner to  hold hands with as you walk along, smelling the flowers and climbing those mountains. Though my wife has learned her lesson well, and she walks in front of me. As is the proper place for a Lady. And because I have gas. Being with someone who so closely aligns with your goals and aspirations for the future, while continually challenging you to  better yourself is the true fairy tale ending. Perfect is boring and stale. But my fiery, intelligent and worlds beyond me creative wife is that beautiful and courageous tempest in my life that fills my sails and brings me home.

Madelynn Eve

Our little fireball Madelynn has developed the nurturing, kind and energetically charged personality of a creative and demanding four year old. Her imagination rivals my wife and mines and her fairy tale worlds of make believe are a marvel to behold. Her curiosity in the human condition and her continuing application of what Satanists call Lesser Magic is awe-inspiring to witness. Her understanding of concepts I see some adults unable to grasp, yet her exuberantly innocent and childlike demeanor never fails to warm my heart. Thankfully, her skills at art, dance and song did not come from me and she hones her interests and aptitude for life every day. She is our Hellion. She is our Mads. And she is most definitely Daddy’s Little Devil.

Greysen Rhys

Our mister man, our nugget is a compassionate and caring soul. Never short on smiles and laughs, his personality has grown more pronounced over the months of his two year old life. I have never seen a child so incredibly interested in the world or exploring, without fear, the things which falls within his domain. His intuitiveness and empathy is almost preternatural and the ability with which he grasps the nuances of feelings continually borders on the unbelievable. He is the joy of our lives and not a second goes by that he doesn’t enhance the environment he is in in some way. Our little buddy is exactly that, and I look forward to what the future holds for him.

~ For Audra, Madelynn and Greysen... the ones I cherish most.


  1. Hi. That is incorrect, Satanists are not Luciferians, nor are Luciferians considered Satanists. I am an active member of The Church of Satan, if you would like a thorough explanation of the codified religion of Satanism, please inquire further at the provided link. There are several expansive articles on the COS website which explain the differences between Satanism and other religions. Thank you.

    1. Sorry, forgive me, I should have asked whether you’re atheistic or theistic. I have a friend who is a LaVeyan Satanist – one of the nicest people I know 🙂

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