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Questions, comments or concerns? Feel like you have something to contribute? A lesser magic story?  Personal parenting experience? Testimony? Bitch, gripe, lambaste? There’s nothing supernatural about this evocation. Leave your weird, kooky and all-together unnecessary ingredients at home and just use the tried and true method of communication. Shoot us an email or message us on Facebook with whatever has got a bee in your bonnet and if it warrants a reply, we’ll get back to you as we’re able.

You can also record an audio clip and send it to our dropbox, and we’ll air it on the show! Raising Hell Dropbox 


EMAIL Us at –
Visit Us on FACEBOOK –

 Feel like Raising a little Hell of your own? Spout off some poetry, read us a short story, regale us with your own Lesser Magic Moment or give us your favorite Satanic quote. We may even put it on the show. Don’t be shy. Public speaking is a fear worse than death for most people (studies have shown) so don’t be just another statistic. Raising Hell isn’t for the faint of heart.

You can reach us at (920) 333-4355. Speak loudly, and proudly.

For those seeking to further their knowledge of Satanism, I would direct you to the source at The Church of Satan.

*Please note, that while I am an active member, I do not speak for The Church of Satan. All official inquiries should be directed to the Central Administration Office found at this link; Contact The Church of Satan*

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