The following articles are provided as resources for those inclined to delve deeper into the various aspects of Satanic Parenting and Satanism as it relates to children. They remain the property of their respective entities.

Screepy-children-vintage-50s-ads-dye-cat-bloog-scary-dye-companyatanic Youth Communique  by High Priest Peter H. Gilmore – A clear and succinct message to those youth who are interested in Satanism, followed by a Q & A section of commonly asked questions.

“Unlike many religions and philosophies, Satanism respects and exalts life.”

creepy-childrenYoung People and Satanism  found in the F.A.Q. section of the Official COS Website – Two questions (and their answers) explaining the lack of a youth organization, and how parents misunderstand a childs interest in Satanism.

“Satanism teaches that, so long as you live with your parents, you are in “their lair” and must show them respect, but that does not mean that you can change who you really are.”

finestbeanskidMandatory Education: Teaching Pigs to Sing  by Magistra Templi Rex Blanche Barton – An incredibly detailed and erudite essay on public education, home schooling and a candid relating of societies true “interest” in your childs learning.

“Despite public cant, our schools and our society in general—don’t support learning. We pay lip service to respecting education but we don’t reward it materially.”

sevenUPbabyEncouraging Magical Concepts  by Priestess Lydia Gage – This is a wonderful article of actively engaging and supporting the use of imagery, magic and imagination with our children.

“Whereas other religions are fully allowed to indoctrinate their children with any beliefs and ceremonies, Satanists seem to have the tendency (common sense?) to allow their offspring the freedom of (and FROM!) religion of any kind.”

IrootbeerbabyGNOR/ance: the Root of the Problem  by Priestess Lydia Gage – A short but powerful message concerning parents who ignore their children.

“The majority of parents will go on ignoring their children and producing ignorance, and the few of us that actually do care will continue to nurture and respect our children, producing the future generation of elite individuals.”

GilleteBabyDiscovering the Satanic God: The Achievement of Infinite Self-Esteem  by Magister Nemo – In our current age of oppressing dogma, hypocritical braggarts and ego stultifying admonishments, Magister Nemo explains the truth of the illusions and in particular, the lies we have been conditioned to accept since our youngest days. An incredibly important message for Satanic parents, and every Satanist besides.

“Once you perceive things as they really are, your eyes will be opened …and you will SEE!”



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