cropped-creepyfamily.pngIn keeping with the intention and design of such a participation driven podcast, any feedback provided is greatly appreciated. For those who have seen fit to provide the show with commentary, attaboys or criticism you may see their words here.

Think you have something I should hear about? Drop me a message at, RaisingHellPodcast@gmail.com.

As Satanists, privacy can be paramount to our success as individuals, as well as protecting us from the ignorance of the masses. All inquires and submissions to the show will be kept anonymous unless you detail otherwise.

“Wicked, witty and wild! A no holds barred approach to child rearing. Citizen Milton and his guests take a heads on approach to issues facing parents in today’s world. I particularly admire the upfront approach to sex education and beginning at an early age. Raising Hell attempts to tackle controversial issues which many forums consider taboo. Daring to challenge the status quo in a lighthearted manner.” – Charmaine Carter

 “Raising Hell Podcast offers fresh parenting advice from Milton C. Cruver, a well respected husband, father, and friend. Milton and his lively guests offer advice for parents and non parents alike. They seek to open dialogue on modern day issues facing parents, oftentimes issues that many refuse to talk about. The podcasts are humorous, direct, informative, controversial, and will leave you wanting more. So grab a cup of coffee (or that bottle of wine), and enjoy the unholy ride.” – Ramon E. Castillo Jr

“I truly enjoy your podcasts. From realizing its time for my daughters to have their individual bedroom, their own space, to talking sexuality with them. Raising Hell has given me great advice I can use, but involves humor, honesty and a truly different view on parenting that I needed. Great advice from a great father and wonderful guests.”  – M.B. , La Belle Fleur

“I was so incredibly excited to hear about your new podcast. I subscribed just as the first episode aired, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Thank you for providing high-quality, pragmatic, and relevant insights in an entertaining and easily digestible manner. Thank you, additionally, for assisting me in tuning out the same 25 classic rock hits that play in a constant loop at my place of daytime employment, including Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like A Lady,” a song which evokes within me a primal urge to kill something in cold blood. You have my most sincere gratitude.”  – Ryan Vanderveen

“One doesn’t have to be a parent to reap the valuable insights the Raising Hell Podcast offers. Anyone who recognizes the importance of children in our society will find much to gain, and can do so in a fun way.” – Reverend Byrd  of Coffinrust Art and Graphics

“A smart, insightful and honest approach which offers to examines relevant issues from a realistic perspective in the 21st Century.” – Michelle Lynn Blasky 

“Thank you for taking time out of your family life to do your podcast. It has been really helpful and enlightening. Most of all it has made feel like I am not alone as a Satanist and parent. My boys (11 and 15) as well as my wife of 15 years are the center of my universe and helping to keep my family glued together with clear communication, positivity, quality time and a strong emphasis on self responsibility is my biggest priority. I agree with your point of view and the methods you use to make sure you and your family make the most of its time in the here and now. Your guests are awesome and the segments of each show are very well put together and to the point. Keep up the good work and Hail Satan!” – CÄRTËR

“Down to earth, relatable and unpretentious. Exactly what one likes to hear when looking for pointers on parenting. It’s not popular to be an individual these days, despite cries to the contrary and even harder for our young ones to stand fast in the face of such media circus dogma. Raising Hell presents a parenting perspective that everyone with children would do well to listen to.” – D. Doubuae

“I don’t agree with everything Raising Hell has to offer, but that’s not really the point. I use what I find appealing, and take it at face value to see if it works. Everything on the show is presented for consideration, and not used as a tool for promoting some agenda or cause. Other than responsible parenting that is. I may not be a Satanist, but I have found myself to be more than a little… Satanic. Cheers!” – Mary I. Prestor 

“Milton is a voice of reason in a world full of unreasonableness.  I’m not a parent myself, but I’ve found that Milton’s even-handed and hilarious commentary and advice are easily translated into the life of the childless. It’s entertaining, it’s informative, it’s enlightening. It’s everything a good podcast should be. Maybe I’m biased, considering how much I love Milton, but I listen to this podcast and I can’t stop smiling.” – xoxo, Erin D. Latta of Down to the Crossroads

“If you are a parent, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, or are not, you will find humor and great advice on raising your children (while they Raise Hell) on Milton Cruver’s Raising Hell.” – Warlock Miguel Guerrero Sr. 

“I am without child, for, you see, I am impotent. However, good horse sense is always appreciated, and Milton C. Cruver drops gems like he’s got holes in his pockets. I’m sure if there was a devil, and there isn’t, he’d listen and wonder where he went wrong with Jesus.” – Josh Latta of Lattaland

“Raising Hell podcast is like a child itself: curious, energetic, tyrannical, and devoid of the concept of shame (as both podcasts and toddlers should be) I am delighted that Raising Hell has developed with critical, entertaining, and novel content, which tackles important issues for Satanic parents from a Third Side Perspective. Citizen Milton’s approach is one not often heard in public Satanic discourse, and his unique and funny take on child-rearing is good advice for all engaged and loving parents, magical and muggle alike. Witch Trojzyr’s segment is particularly insightful, as she brings her professional experience and education to understanding children’s behaviour. I listen to this podcast and all I have are furkids. You should listen too.” – Witch Zaftig

“For someone who isn’t a Satanist, I was a bit skeptical of what a podcast discussing a ‘satanic perspective on parenting’ would have to offer me. Raising Hell is interesting and insightful; Milton offers a great perspective and well thought out discussion on various topics of child-rearing and parenting. It is great to have a pod cast out there that delves into the many issues encountered when raising independent, responsible children. The guest speakers he has on create a robust perspective and well-rounded discussion of the many issues parents deal with daily. This podcast has something to offer all parents. – Erica Fifer

“I very much enjoyed the WWJD segment. She is a very inspiring to me. She is one of the few mothers I know of whom I identify well with and can learn a lot from. If there were stars for the overall discussions of most of what you do with your cast, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars!  🙂 I look forward to the next RHP and WWJD segments. Thank you”. – FeederOfLifefrce


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