What The Wild Things Think



What The Wild Things Think is a regularly offered segment on Raising Hell and is narrated by Witch Troj who is currently in a Ph.D. program for Clinical Psychology. Years of clinical experience with clients across the age span makes her a boon to The Satanic Perspective on Parenting. Her witchy wit and keen mind lend her comprehensive and scientifically sound expertise a lighthearted flair, something severely lacking in the rantings and ravings of today’s curmudgeonly family doctors and psycho-babble pulpit parents.

Delving deeply into the many struggles and concerns of parents and children, her authoritative insight and passionate intellect deliver much needed moments of clarity for the overworked parental mind. Troj helps us to help ourselves, and most importantly our Little Devils by ever questioning our methods and actions as not only parents, but individuals.

Due to the demands of an academic and professionally oriented curriculum, What The Wild Things Think is a frequently released segment, yet one without a schedule. Below, you will find past episodes.

Episode 11 – Screwups

Episode 10 – Labels

Episode 9 – Play

Episode 8 – Christmas with the Devil

Episode 7 – Iron Youth

Episode 6 – The Beginning of All Wisdom

Episode 5 – Resilience

Episode 4 – We Who Are Not As Others

Episode 3 – Individualized Education Programs and 504’s

Episode 2 – Cyberbullying

Episode 1 – Furries and Fandom 

(The founding episode of What The Wild Things Think was presented as an interview and conversation oriented segment.)