(W)hat (W)ould (J)osephine (D)o?


What Would Josephine Do? is a segment presented by Priestess Josephine which flings wide the adamantine gates of Hell to unashamedly assert the place of the Witch upon a world many claim to be dominated by the male persuasion. But here you’ll find no sniveling lambasting of men or cries of victim, but a bold promotion of excellence in what a woman can do for herself and her cherished ones. A true woman, a real Witch has no need to gain strength through the denouncing of others but does so in creating a realm of her choosing within a world which, with the proper application of power and wiles will submit to her every whim.

As an indomitable nurturer and supportive influence in the lives of her family and her daughter, Josephine has endured and prevailed against the trials and tribulations of life to represent a paragon of Satanic femininity. Her wisdom, compassion and sensual allure for those within her circle are matched only by her tempestuous  and unyielding vengeance upon those that would seek to harm that which she treasures. It is this very perspective which brought her to the folds of Raising Hell, and we are sincerely delighted to have her.

What Would Josephine Do? will be presented on a semi-regular basis as topics and schedules allow, every month and a half or so.

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